What is it and What are the Steps?


In addition to the behind-the-wheel practice that the state requires, you must complete a 4 hour abbreviated adult driver training course approved by the State of Ohio.

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Our online adult driver training course is intuitive and user-friendly. We use a trusted 3rd-party system to validate your identity so that you can get into the course immediately. Other providers make you wait up to two weeks to get validated!

Approved by the State of Ohio

We are the first provider on the approved school's list on the Ohio Driver Training website. We are proud to offer a program that is fully narrated, interactive, and enjoyable! If you have questions, our support team is ready to assist.


To meet the Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Education requirements, you can choose from the following options:

24hrs with a Licensed Driver 21+ Years

You can choose to meet this requirement by accumulating 24 hours of behind-the-wheel practice. To do this, you must have a licensed driver (21 or older) in the passenger seat of the vehicle at all times. You cannot practice more than four (4) hours per day. You should spend considerable time practicing the part of the test that you failed.

So, if you failed the maneuverability part, then spend time on that. If you choose to complete your behind-the-wheel training with a licensed driver, then you will need to complete the 24-hour Affidavit.

Take it with you to the BMV along with our certificate of completion before retaking your driver's test. Please note that falsifying the 24-hour Affidavit is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment.

4hrs with a Certified Driving Instructor

You can choose to meet this requirement by signing up for four (4) hours of behind-the-wheel training with a professional driving instructor. At the end of the training, the instructor will give you the necessary form that states that you have completed the required 4 hours with them all in one day. You will then take this form to the BMV with you along with your certificate of completion from us stating that you have passed the online education course.

A lot of people tend to shy away from the 4-hour certified driving instructor option because they think that the 24-hour behind-the-wheel training option is free. However, when you account for the 24 hours of time and the price of gas, it certainly isn't as free as advertised.

Is the 24-hour behind-the-wheel training the right choice for you?

This 24-hour driving option is considered free compared to the 4-hour in-person driver training with a licensed instructor. However, if you truly compare the prices and account for the required amount of time, you might find that it is better to go with the simple 4 hours of driving to get it done in one day. You cannot simply complete 24 hours of driving practice in one day. That's even a lot for an average road trip! Not to mention, with this 24-hour driving option, you cannot practice more than four (4) hours per day.

This means that it will take you a minimum of six (6) days in a row to complete, and it might be that you only have time to practice at night from 6pm to 10pm for six nights in a row. But also keep in mind that the average gas mileage will cost you $150-$200 in gas, depending on the size and type of vehicle you are practicing with, where you are going, and how much gas will cost per gallon during that time.

So, the 24-hour option is not as cost-efficient or "free" as you might think. It swallows up a lot of time, and the person you are practicing with may or may not provide enough quality driving instruction. This could cost you in the future if you do not know how to drive safely and correctly.

Is the 4-hour behind-the-wheel training the right choice for you?

The 4-hour behind-the-wheel option is highly recommended for drivers who failed their driving test at the BMV. A professional driving instructor can serve many purposes, including mimicking a proctored driving test. This will make you feel much more comfortable during your real driving exam when you're ready to retake it. Not to mention, when a professional driving instructor is helping you one-on-one, you are getting special knowledge and attention on your driving skills.

They are able to identify your flaws better and tell you how to fix them correctly. Although this option might be slightly more expensive than the 24-hour behind-the-wheel option, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. This is especially true if the cost is a car crash that will cost far more than what you would have spent on a professional driving instructor.

They can tell you what to look for and teach you awesome defensive driving skills. Choosing the 4-hour behind-the-wheel option is also better because the facility already has the equipment that you need to practice what you failed. With practice like this, you will have far greater chances of passing your driving test than if you chose to practice with a family or friend for an entire 24 hours.