About the Abbreviated Adult Drivers Course

Failed the driving test?

Our 4-hour abbreviated adult course will help you get the marks you want on your retry.

Online Abbreviated Adult Drivers Course

The best way to meet your abbreviated adult drivers training requirement

Narrated & Fun

Our course is fully narrated, and has a variety of activities and videos that make this adult drivers ed course easy and fun to take.


Start and stop the adult driver training course anytime you want. Our unique bookmarking system will save your spot and the time you've spent in the course.

Fast Certificates

When you finish the course, you can promptly download your Certificate of Completion right on your Dashboard page.

State Approved

Our course has been certified as a state-approved Abbreviated Adult Course by the Ohio Bureau Of Motor Vehicles.

About 2COOL

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course

You are required to take a 4 hour class that can be done in person or online like ours here at 2Cool Traffic School. We believe our course is the best available for several reasons. First, we set out to make our course not only informative but entertaining. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a boring class. Or paying for a privilege to sit and read for four hours. That is why we’ve developed a much more interesting form of e-learning.

We revolutionized the online driving course industry.

Before we came along all courses were just copy and pasted pages of reading you had to do. Our class is completely narrated just like a class lecture so that you can relax and visualize what it is you are learning about. Most of us are much better at learning when things are explained to us. We understand and retain things better when hearing them so we developed courses with 100% narration. Plus, to make them even more interesting we’ve created 3 D animations and videos to help you really learn the materials.

Here are some of our great perks:


We are dedicated to providing our students with a fun online course experience.
Not only does our abbreviated adult training course feature full narration, activities and videos, it has also been approved by the Ohio BMV to satisfy the state requirements.



The course covers several topics to help you get a better grasp of driving. If you were to have gotten your license before you were 18 you would have had to gone through 24 hours of class time. That is why the four hour course is called “abbreviated”. It teaches you all the basics of things you should know about safely owning and operating a vehicle. From your position when seated behind the wheel (no, it is not recommended to have the seat reclined so far back you are almost sitting in the back seat.) through the traffic laws you need to follow

Here are the modules you will cover in our course:

You will also be responsible for practicing your driving skills. Both on the road and the maneuverability portion of the test. To do that you will need to find a parking lot or other suitable space where you can set up your cones or markers in the required space and pattern and practice your maneuvering. To meet the requirements you will have to do one of the following.


Too often we take for granted the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The internet is full of videos showing people doing crazy and irresponsible things behind the wheel. Often this ends up in loss of life. Driving is not only a privilege but can be very dangerous even in the most boring situations. You are given the privileged to drive a vehicle that can become a 4,000 lb missile in the wrong circumstances. Please take it seriously. We care about our students and hope you never are involved in a crash. These are not accidents as they are 100% avoidable. 


So we ask you to really pay attention taking our course seriously as you go through it and practice safe driving techniques all the time and encourage others to do so as well. Your lives will might depend on it.

Get your Ohio Driver's license

This 4 hour Ohio Teen Drivers Ed course meets the state requirements for the classroom portion of the abbreviated adult driver training program.

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