Introduction of the Ohio Abbreviated Driving Class

Adult Driver’s Education

Some people tend to wait to get their driver’s license until after their 18th birthday to avoid taking the 24-hour driver education class that would otherwise be required. Drivers who skip the state’s required education face greater challenges, since they are generally less prepared than new drivers who have taken the 24-hour traffic education class. Prior to July 1, 2017, if an adult driver failed their driving or maneuvering test, they could retake the exam 7 days later without having any additional training or practice.
Abbreviated Adult Training Course

In 2015, lawmakers paved the way to increased educational requirements for adults who fail to pass their driving and maneuverability test the first time. Before they can retry the road exam, they must complete a 4-hour Abbreviated Adult Training Course that covers laws and correct driving techniques. In addition to this, they will have to get some additional behind-the-wheel practice.
The Goals: Safer Drivers & Better Roads

John Born, Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety explained, “What we are intending to do is raise the bar, raise the standards and create more consistency in driver education.” Although the additional education requirement will add an additional step to getting your license if you fail the road test, it will be a huge step forward in ensuring that the people on our roadways are prepared to drive safely around others.