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We offer the best Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Program. Adults age 18 years and older who have never held a drivers license previously and who also failed their maneuverability or road test are required to take an Abbreviated Adult Training Course.

Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training
Course Requirements

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This is for adults 18+ that did not pass one of the parts of the driving test. If you are familiar with us and just want to purchase the course here is your link!.

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#2 Behind-the-Wheel Training

Before retaking the test, you must either spend 24 hrs with a licensed driver (21+ yrs old), or 4 hrs with a driving instructor.


#3 Get Your Drivers License

Once you complete the course and behind-the-wheel drivers ed requirements, you can go to a BMV and get your license.


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Failed a part of the road test? Let us help you get started!

If you failed part of the road test for your Ohio drivers license they give you that card that tells you to go to “drivertraining.ohio.gov” to find the “Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course“. From there you’ll find a list of schools you’ll need to choose from. Our course is the easiest and most FUN in the industry.  There is no need to look further.  Most of our students give us 5 stars and our biggest source of students is referrals from past students. Everything is included in our course. From the 100% narration with Sam to the fastest certificate delivery with a tracking number. If you bother to look the few negative reviews we have they are because people are unhappy with having to take the course, not even about our course.

Here are the course modules:

  • Basic Control Tasks (30 mins)
  • Traffic Control Devices and Laws (50 mins)
  • Perception and Driving Strategies for Different Environments (50 mins)
  • Operating in Adverse Conditions (20 mins)
  • Driver Fitness (60 mins)
  • Responsibilities of Owning and Maintaining a Car (30 mins)

You will also be responsible for practicing your driving skills.  Both on the road and the maneuverability portion of the test. To do that you will need to find a parking lot or other suitable space where you can set up your cones or markers in the required space and pattern and practice your maneuvering.


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About the Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course

Failed driving testIf you didn’t take a standard Ohio Drivers Education Class and waited until you were 18 to take the Ohio Drivers Exam and failed one of the parts of the road test you must take this course before you can retake the test.


Class time

  • You must have 4 hours class time either using our online course or an in person course with a licensed instructor

We offer the easiest way for you to meet this requirement.  Our course is fully narrated.  The information is available if you prefer reading but it is much easier to understand the information listening to it just like a lecture part of a class.  Other online courses are just long pages of text to read.

 You must spend 4 hours taking the course.  The course is timed so you must spend a specified amount of time on each page so you can’t rush through it.  That is why it is called a 4-hour course.   So you can listen and absorb the information with our course or spend your time reading and trying not to fall asleep with other courses.  Then half way down the page realizing you were not even paying attention to what you were reading and have to go back over it.

Driving time

It is required that you practice your driving skills.  You need to have either:

  • 4 hours with a licensed driving instructor ($200 – $400)


  • 24 hours of drive time with a licensed driver 21 years of age or older. (No more than 4 hours per day)

Pass driving testProof of Completion

Before you can take your test again you must provide the Ohio BMV proof that you have completed the requirements.   You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish our course that is mailed to you.  The state requires that it is mailed.  There is no electronic version allowed.   You must also have the affidavit proving you met the driving requirements.  You can get that form and print it out from the BMV CLICK HERE.

Our Suggestion

We find that most person opt to do the driving with a licensed driver 21 years of age or older to save the money of a professional driving instructor. Because we must mail you the certificate of completion and it takes time to get delivered we suggest that you do the online course first.  You can only drive a maximum of 4 hours per day so you need at least 6 days to complete the driving.  Then, while you are meeting the requirement of the driving the certificate it is on it’s way in the mail to you (usually takes 3 – 5 days if you do not choose expedited shipping).

Course Topics and Descriptions

Section 1: Basic Control Tasks

We start you off with a highly visual chapter! Didn’t we say we’ll keep you engaged and entertained? Basic control tasks are better taught by giving you interactions and videos throughout the chapter. All of those dashboard lights will be addressed so that you’re not left wondering what it is and what to do if you ever get one. You’ll see how to operate basic controls when you’re driving a car with an automatic transmission. We’ll also give you helpful and easy instructions on how to go about driving preparation. This includes checking your mirrors and how to put on a seat belt correctly and comfortably. 


Section 2: Traffic Control Devices & Laws

When you’re driving, you obviously can’t read full sentences on the road. That’s why traffic signs exist. They’re meant to be in different shapes and colors, all of which we will show you here in this section. You need to be able to know all of the different signs because they control how you drive. They tell you where to go, where not to go, what to do and what not to do. If drivers don’t understand these signs, then they’re asking for a bad collision. It’s not enough to know the simple red, yellow and green lights. Let us take the wheel here and show you everything that you need to know when it comes to road signs and rules.


Section 3: Perception & Driving Strategies for Different Environments

How do you know when to slow down or speed up whenever you see an erratic driver? Unfortunately, not everyone is going to follow the rules on the road like you are. This is why we need to cover driving perceptions and strategies so that you know how to manage space, speed visibility. You’ll also need these techniques when you’re driving in different environments. By this, we mean that you’re not going to drive the same way in every place. For instance, there are big differences when you’re driving in urban and rural areas. A more congested city means that you need to look out for more things than you would driving through the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, we’ll equip you with the right knowledge on how to deal with these things!


Section 4: Operating in Adverse Conditions

You live in Ohio, so you must know that the weather just can’t make up its mind sometimes. This applies especially in the winter time. We want you to be prepared for bad weather. Obviously, it’s not ideal to drive when there’s bad weather. But sometimes, you just can’t help it because maybe you’re already out and about while it approaches. In this section, you’ll learn how to operate a vehicle in adverse conditions by learning the different safe driving strategies that are designed to reduce risks of collisions on the road. 


Section 5: Driver Fitness

What do we mean by driver fitness? Exercising in your car? Of course not! This section is actually really interesting because you’ll learn all of the different outside factors that can affect your ability to drive safely. Being too tired is never a good thing behind the wheel, but taking too much caffeine to fix it isn’t a good thing either. This brings us to also talk about drugs and alcohol and the effects of impaired driving. You will also learn how certain emotions can spark distractions while driving. It’s best to stay away from juicy conversations because it can certainly mess with your head while you drive. We’ll also teach you about how your vision, touch, smell and hearing all contribute to safe driving.


Section 6: Owning & Maintaining a Car

Ah, the big moment! You are ready to drive and get out there to take on this big world full of opportunities. But then your check engine light comes on. You need to make sure that if you have a car, you also have to maintain it properly. If not, you might have to pay really large expenses to get your car fixed. Many people don’t keep up with their oil changes and this can really affect your engine. Engines are very expensive to fix and repair. In this section, we’ll go over the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a car. We don’t mean to bring down the mood, but we’re a traffic school! And we’re here to teach you everything you need to know about driving whether it’s good or bad.

Course FAQ's

  1. Who is required to take Abbreviated Adult Driver Education Training? In Ohio, if you are 18 or older and have failed the road test or maneuverability test, you are required to take the Abbreviated Adult Training Course.

  2. How long is the Ohio 4 hour driving class? The class is 4 hours. However, it can take longer depending on your learning speed. You can also stop and start to make it work for your schedule.

  3. Can I finish the 4 hour abbreviated adult driving course in less than 4 hours? No. The State of Ohio has strict rules for their time requirement. If you get through the course too quickly, you will need to go back in to review the content until you have been in the course for a total of 4 hours.

  4. How do I prove that I took the abbreviated driving course? After you complete the course, we will mail your certificate of completion to you. You will need to have your certificate before you can retake the test. We offer a few different shipping methods so that you get your certificate in a time-frame that works for you. The options to choose from are: FREE (3-5 business days for delivery on average, up to 10), FedEx 3 business day, FedEx 2 business day and FedEx overnight.

  5. How long do I have to complete the Ohio 4 hour driving class? You are required to complete the course within 90 days once you buy it.

  6. What if something comes up and I don't finish the abbreviated adult driver training course in time? You'll need to take the course again from the beginning. But don't worry! Give us a call or send us an email and we'll give you the course again for free. 🙂

  7. Is there anything else I have to do before I can retake the test at the BMV? Yes! In addition to taking this course, you also need to get some additional behind-the-wheel practice. You can either choose to do 4-hrs with a licensed driving instructor or 24-hrs with a licensed driver 21 or older.

Drivers Education Classes

It is common now that people choose not to take an Ohio Drivers Education class in high school and wait until they're 18 or older before getting their drivers license to avoid the teen drivers ed requirements. Gain the knowledge you need with our Ohio Abbreviated Adult Training to pass the drivers test.

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The State of Ohio implemented the abbreviated adult training requirements to ensure that drivers have a good foundation and are prepared to handle the challenges they'll encounter on the roads.